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Fashion Ads

I’ve been doing research for fashion advertising agencies, and had been looking at the work of Baron&Baron Inc. (who used to handle Burberry back when Kate Moss was a hot shit and not a coked out, coochie showing mama) and came across this old  school Burberry ad from Paris in 1925.  On the right is the spring 2008 campaign featuring Agyness Deyn. I love fashion photography, but wish modern ads would show more fashion illustration as well.



Just an observation..

It seems like everyone who voted for Obama got together and decided to wear a piece of Obama flair every day. Seriously, count how many Obama t shirts, hats, sweatshirts, bracelets, bumper stickers, anything you see in a day. It’s craziness.

Toilet Reading

I saw this today in the bathroom at the ARC and thought it was funny for 2 reasons.

1- Anything written on a bathroom wall usually generates a good laugh.


2- I was working as a caterer/cocktail waitress at a party this weekend at a very nice house that had a super fancy high tech toilet that had been imported from Japan.  It was electronic and remote controlled and blah blah blah.  The point of the story is that at the end of the night, some person at this nice classy business party, shit all over the toilet and the bathroom floor.  Not even kidding.  And then peaced out!  Abandoned ship!  And left an empty roll of TP!  Who does that??Especially  at a party with your co-workers?  So bizarre.  

Too bad they were not previously enlightened with the suggestion of shitting on the system, not all over the toilet and floor.

A Lovely Chooseday Evening

Last night I met up with my friend Mollie and walked all over Hell’s Kitchen and up to Columbus Circle. We originally were just going out to dinner, which turned into shopping, a movie, and lots of walking and talking.  We ate at this great Thai place on 9th Ave, then stumbled into a boutique called Lafayette, originally just to keep warm, but ended up taking advantage of the merchandise and abusing our wallets.  Thank you Recession for making everything on sale.

Naturally I needed a huge piece of chocolate cake, so we went to Lasagna and were greeted by,hands down, the most flamboyant dudes ever.  But they were awesome and so was the cake.

We then went to Penang, where Mollie works, so she could get her paycheck and give me mucho dollars.  The food there is unreal.  Malaysian Cuisine. I was slightly pissed off I had shoved my face and couldn’t manage to eat anything else.

Actually I lied, we ate a box o’ Sourpatch Watermelon deliciousness at the movies when we saw Doubt, which is SO GOOD, GO SEE IT.

Pratt the Rat

Welcome to Pratt!

All week long, union workers have been organizing in front of Pratt’s main gate and screaming and shouting and bitching about how they’re not allowed to work at Pratt.  They’re out there with their whistles and chanting and hollering and shoving flyers in students faces and cursing if you refuse to take one.  

It’s definitely exactly how I want to be greeted on my way to class.  Funny how they’re not out there today in this lovely weather… Continue reading

Entering the World of Blogging

This is my “I have to make a blog?!” face