Tourista Weekend

I had some visitors this weekend who had never been to New York City before.  So we walked EVERYWHERE in the city.. through Brooklyn, over the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, downtown, SoHo, Canal Street, Times Square, the Theater District, Hell’s Kitchen.. it was exhausting but really fun.  After living in New York for a few years, tourists can be considered a pain in the ass, especially when you’re trying to get somewhere fast, but you also forget how awesome seeing Manhattan is for the first time.  So, it was a blast, and I took lots o’ touristy photos.

brooklyn-bridgeBrooklyn Bridge and the Ferris Wheel inside of Toys R Us.. craziness
apple-geisha1(R) One of Jeff Koons‘ sculptures near Ground Zero (L) A lamp from Ingo Maurer’s gallery in Soho
juniors1Junior’s Dessert Display Case.. and then I.. jizz in my pants.



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