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Christian LaCroix




Just got back last week from London and Paris from a fashion trip through school, and it was an absolute blast.  We had tons of free time to ourselves to explore the city, which was sweet, and also went to some designers studios.  Christian LaCroix was definitely my favorite.  We got to see his 2010 collection hands on, the stuff was absolutely beautiful. And wicked heavy!  Each dress probably weighed about 20 pounds.. Craziness.  Look for more pics to come up as I motivate myself to post them.


Au Revoir Mother Uckas.

Not that I update alot anyways… buttttt I will be out of the country for the next 12 days, so there will be no updates, at all!  But I will post some sweet pictures when I get back.


Enjoy ya breaks kiddos.

Rihanna is a dumbass.


Does anyone else think it’s ironic that Rihanna is the face of promoting foundation for Covergirl?   I mean, she’s definitely a poster child for it, since she obviously has to use it every day to cover up the black eyes her boyfriend Chris Brown gives her.  

Solid ad campaign.  It should be called “Cover-up Girl”.

Cell phones make popcorn pop.

For some reason, I can’t embed this video, but you need to watch it.  Shows how ridiculous cell phones are.  

Click hurr



I’ve been to McDonald’s more this year than I have been in my entire life.  It’s for my Advertising class.  Last semester, I had to do something I had never done before, so I went to get a Big Mac.  I tried to eat it, but it was so gross, I couldn’t finish.  Now I’m doing a campaign for Soy Joy, where I am replacing junk food with Soy Joy bars.  So I’ve been doing shooting at Mickey D’s.. and my roommates and a very hungover Steve came along for the fun.  Not only do I have to go again to re-shoot, but our next campaign is for McDonalds.  Awesome.

If I am 300 pounds by the end of this semester, you can blame my advertising teacher, Chris Maiorino.  Thank you.



Some dude did a sick video to one of my fav songs Heartbeats-the Knife that some dude Mike told me about.

watch it watch it watch it


That picture just reminded me of that whole trip to Italy, which was almost a year ago.  I went with my parents to visit my brother and two friends who were studying abroad there.  We went to the Amalfi Coast, Florence, and Rome.  It was so awesome.. Here are a few pics





I’m going back to Italy in May, and then going to Albania after.  It will be my 4th time in Italy, which is crazy, and my first time in Albania.   My family has been trying to go forever, and it’s finally happening, which is awesomeness.

Revelation- I travel a lot.  I should start posting travel pictures on here.. Derrrrrrr