What are YOU doing? Deleting Twitter!

So, I’ve been trying to delete my Twitter account and it won’t let me.  I just signed up for it for my Social Media class, and Sebastian has granted us permission to get rid of it.I have tried several times over the past week, and the excuse is that there are “too many tweets” and it can’t delete my account.  What does that even mean?  Like, just get rid of it.  I think Twitter is weird slash creepy slash addicting slash I don’t want everyone to know what I am doing all the time, nor do I want to know what everyone else is doing all the time.  I guess its cool for AdAge and NY Times and news outlets, but I just visit their websites regularly anyways, and have them in my Google Reader, so I don’t really need another thing to tell me what the hell is going on.

What also really kills me about Twitter (and this goes for Facebook as well) is when people constantly update their statuses complaining about how much work they have to do or how busy they are.  Maybe, if they stopped updating their statuses every effing three minutes, they could get some things accomplished.  K. there’s my rant for the day. Ross told me I had to post 3 times a day, so there it is. Adios Twitter, and au revoir bloggy blog.


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