Black Coffee


Does anyone else drink black coffee and find it the hardest thing to order? I go in to a Starbucks, or Dunkies, or any coffee shop, and ask for a black coffee, and either all baristas are mentally challenged , or are so used to customers coming in for extra extra cream and sugar and mocha choca frapaccinos that they cannot understand that someone wants just a simple cup of coffee.  Barista:”Cream and sugar?”  Me: “Nope, just black” Barista:”Sorry, did you want skim milk or whole?” Me:”No thanks, nothing, just black” Barista:”Are you sure? No sugar or anything?”  Did I stutter? Give me a cup of black. coffee. Thank you.

In other news, the picture above is a picture of my Dad sort of looking super serious drinking espresso in the Amalfi Coast.. not really relevant to the post, but just a funny picture.


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