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Dear Clint Eastwood


Please move to Brooklyn.  Thank you.





Fantastical Movies and Posters

My friend just sent me this site and I really dig it.  I think all of the poster re-designs are really well done, and give the films a completely different modern feel.  Here are a few of my favs (posters and movies)

(I just finished a huge Stanley Kubrick project, why the hell didn’t I make this? Goddamn)








PS- New Harry Potter coming out this summer! ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM?  I know you’re excited. Don’t even ACT like you aren’t counting down the days. Because I am. I’m not even ashamed to admit it.

Winnie Finally Comes Clean



Is this a GD Joke?


Really?  I mean, I’ve seen elderly people, children, handicap people crossing, effing DUCK crossing, but do we really need a Student Crossing sign?  Esp in the tiny Willoughby parking lot?  As someone who drives on campus, I think the sign should say “Art School Students who walk around with their hoods up, sunglasses on, ipods blasting, not paying attention to any car that might potentially hit them Crossing”  Much more accurate.


In other news, waiting for the G train last night coming back from Manhattan, I had to sit and listen to possibly the worst emo musicians at the Metropolitan station.  My iPod was out of battery, and of course the G takes forever, so I was tortured by listening to these two dudes talking about “dying inside of each other” and “we will never be the same” FML.  I usually don’t mind listening to people play in the subways.. if they’re good.  If they’re emo, they  might as well stay at home and cry and sing in their whiny voices to their supposed girlfriends they write about.



Twitter Girls

My girls in my Social Media class just made this hilarious/awesome video about Twitter.. Check it out.  And Sophie is a legit musician who is also awesome, so check her out as well!  



God I love Social Media class

John Butler is Ridiculous.


Check out this video of John Butler playing Ocean… goosebumps kid, goosebumps.  A really beautiful song, and it’s insane to watch him play.  Watch it.  Do it. Do it! And watch it all the way through!  The ending is unreal.  You will jizz in your pants.





Does anyone else ever feel like this.. you screw up something in real life and your first reaction is “Crtl Z”?  

I need to stop spending so much time in front of a computer.  Shiiitt.