asshole1So, making my almost weekly trek on 95 from Boston to New York, I got held up in 3 traffic jams.  Traffic sucks.  We all know it, nobody likes it.  But I can understand it if its a busy travel day or theres a major accident or whatever.  But this was ridiculous.  Let me vent about the assholes/retards (I don’t care if its not politically correct) that are clogging our roadways.

The first jam was a little frightening and abrupt.  It was about 20 miles south of Providence.  I was cruising in the left lane, when all of the sudden the cars in front of me were slamming on their brakes.  I sort of swerved and hit mine too, thinking there was an animal or some type of obstruction in the middle of the lane.  Know what the big effing deal was?  

A plastic bag. 

Yep. Everyone watch out.  The big bad plastic bag might take over and knock your big ass 3 ton block of metal off the road.  IDIOTS.

And then the next two instances were spread out over the course of the remaining 3 hour drive.  Both were about 20 minute build ups.  The big hold up was, there were small fender benders on the side of the road, not blocking any lanes or preventing any cars from moving at a normal speed. But people obviously have nothing better to do than to slow down and “Ooohh, look at those flashing lights.  Looks like there must have been an accident!  Let’s slow down and look, we don’t have anything else to do!  And I bet this is REALLY exciting, we might even see a little dent on the side of the bumper if we slow down enough!”  

So there’s my rant for the week.  LOVE YA


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