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The main medicinal instrument of the proposed Obama health care plan



Project Blue Book


This is my friends’ band, one of my favorite parts about being in Boston for the summer is getting to see them play.  They have a new lineup now, and are just absolutely nasty.  “Lovelight” is one of my favorite covers the guys did, and I can’t get it out of my head.  It’s from last summer, but the jam is somewhat disgusting.

Check out their newer stuff-




I stumbled across the website of Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader today and am obsessed with their photography and concepts.

Check it out and proceed to drool all over the place.  Or maybe thats just me

GD Windshield Wipers.

Its been nice weather for a while, but recently started raining again, and on my way home from the airport this morning, I found myself in a predicament that usually occurs when driving in the rain- the windshield wipers don’t match up with the speed of the rain.  Do you know what I mean? Its like, either they’re going too fast or too slow.  I usually set it on slow, but then the last few seconds waiting for the wiper to come around are like COME ON I can’t see anything.  But if you have it on too fast, you get that annoying “wahhhh” sound because there’s not enough moisture to wipe up.  Does this bother anyone else?  Or am I pulling a nutty?  This would probably solve my problem…..