Monthly Archives: February 2010

Hold Your Horses!

Awesome video my friend just showed me. Called 70 Million by Hold Your Horses! Wonder how many references are used in here..


New Jam

Don’t Know How to Act- Flo Rida ft Yung Joc… It’s ghetto goodness! I can’t stop listening to this song. Don’t judge me. No video for it yet but listen to it here

Phantom of the Opera

Found this gorg poster while doing research for a project on the new Phantom play, Love Never Dies

Yes Please

There are no words for how epic this picture is.

Terry Richardson meets Jersey Shore

Wow this makes me SO happy. For a second, I thought Terry’s abs were real, but then I realized that wasn’t The Situation.


Stumbled across this gem of a site today while doing research for “Slump Busters” (fantastic definition here)


Three things I really like- B&W photography, cupcakes, and dresses floating in trees.