Monthly Archives: April 2010

Why can’t I stop listening to this on repeat?

Oh right, because it’s awesome.

Saw Kid Cudi last weekend @ Harvard and have been obsessed ever since. Great pump up remix of “Pursuit of Happiness” so now I can listen to it not only when I’m vegging and relaxing, but when I’m at the gym. On repeat. Oer and over again.


Serial Monogamist

Miss Julie Mollo just finished up her senior thesis @ Pratt, and it is very fun and happy and awesome 🙂 ch-check it out

Bag Raiders

This has been one of my favorite songs for the past year.. video just came out and it is sickkk. The whole album is also fantastic highly recommend checking it out

Get Some Project Blue Book in Your Life.

My friends band just released their first EP on iTunes! It’s wicked awesome, super funky, delicious, and makes me really happy that summer is almost here.  Get it here or check them out on MySpace.