Monthly Archives: July 2010

Happy Humpday

Here are some sweet throwback jams that are guaranteed to help you get through Wednesday.. because really, what’s better than Limp Bizkit, NSync, AND Mariah Carey all in the same spot?

Don’t act like you don’t love it..


Story of My Life

I blame Au Bon Pain for their ridiculously amazing M+M cookies. Thanks alot, guys.

Vroom Vroom

Why yes, I would love a vintage Porsche and Audi poster, and of course, you can throw the cars there too. Thanks!

Let’s go on Vacation

Love all the colors and retro designs of these maps/travel guides/posters.


Binary and the Brain

Binary and the Brain Another reason I want to move to London


Dreamboy is back in the newest Old Spice spot “Questions”. These ads are so good, I actually switched to Old Spice, (because let’s be honest, women’s deodorants are useless) and now my boyfriend refers to me as “The Man Your Girlfriend Could Smell Like”